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TTAF, enabling self-support

Offering children a future by supporting single mothers financially. Give meaning to the lives of deaf girls by training them to become tailors. Providing medical assistance to the blind and visually impaired as well as regular eye check-ups. TTAF, in full The Three Aid Foundation, offers those who are disadvantaged new perspectives in Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi, by helping them to become self-supporting.

eye medication, paramedische hulp

paramedical help


TTAF micro financing

blindenschool, ontwikkelingsland


Collaboration with local organizations

TTAF Foundation offers help to people in developing countries, both materially and immaterially. The help aims to accomplish self-support, enabling people to participate in society and to obtain their own income. Where possible, this is done through collaboration with NGO’s, aid agencies and local churches. TTAF works in Ethiopia, Malawi and Zambia.


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Facebook action for blind school in Debre Zeit.

TTAF supports the school for blind children of Mr Wondimu where blind children who have not yet had any form of education learn to read and write in Braille. They are given the same development opportunities as all other children