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About TTAF


TTAF foundation offers help to people in developing countries, both materially and immaterially. The help aims to accomplish self-support, enabling people to participate in society and to obtain their own income. Where possible, this is done through collaboration with NGO’s, aid agencies and local churches. TTAF works in Ethiopia, Malawi and Zambia.

How we work

TTAF helps individuals to provide for their own life support. We focus on the most vulnerable groups in society, by offering medical assistance, educational programs and employment. Together, these efforts should lead to self-support. In some cases our help leads to follow-up steps.

Disabled people receive specific aids. Children who are deprived from going to school due to extreme poverty, are offered help by raising the family income. Besides that, schools which help the poor are also supported by us.

TTAF’s work consists of acquiring funds and determining which projects are required in Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi. We also execute these projects, conduct audits and account for our spending of the funds we received from donations.

TTAF’s work is done by volunteers. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce, under number 08119366 and with the tax authorities as a recognized charity, which means your donations are deductible. It is our policy to not provide any form of remuneration.


In our projects we work directly with NGO’s or individual mediators. We know who we work with and who we work for.
Our aid focusses on self-support. People who for various reasons cannot participate in the workforce, receive medical assistance, education and employability.
Our help is, where possible, non-recurring and for a short period. Local organisations execute the projects and carry accountability, others can be involved on request.

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