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Micro credit

With providing a micro credit to the poorest women in Ethiopia, we want to give them the opportunity to develop a structural source of income so that they:

  • have the opportunity to create their own income;
  • gain autonomie and Independence;
  • be valuable in society and the local economy;
  • improve the living standards of her family and relatives;
  • learn to save and reserve for unexpected expenses;
  • access to basic health care;
  • their children can go to school.


We provide an average loan of € 500 to start up their own small business such as keeping small livestock, opening a coffee shop, operating a grocery/convenience store, crafting and selling textiles (sewing studio), selling household items, clothing, etc.

We bring people together in (informal) cooperatives in order to be able to purchase joint capital-intensive equipment for optimal use and making use of all individual knowledge and skills.

Further, we support the participants with coaching and training in the field of entrepreneurship and social skills.

We carefully consider to whom there is a micro credit is provided. Before we get started, the participants will have an intake by our project manager and jointly drawn up a business plan.

Once on the ride, we visit the project each year and we take assessments to measure whether the independence of the participants actually increased.

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