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Waterput for the Health Center in Sashamene

On 10 September 2019 Ayano Burka and Zenebe Ayele awarded the contract to drill a well on the site of the Health Center in Sashamene. We requested quotations from various companies and on that basis we have partnered with the company Bharat Water Well Drilling PLC from Addis Ababa. Bharat is going to build a well with a depth of 250 metres.

A friendly gesture from this company is that they make a water tapping point on the street side for free. This allows people from the immediate vicinity to obtain clean water free of charge. This not only improves people's lives, but also creates goodwill for the clinic among the local population.

Jaco Hendriksen (active as an entrepreneur in Ethiopia) was involved in the selection process: his technical knowledge is indispensable in such decisions!

Last week Bharat started with the preparations and yesterday the drilling started.

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