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History of TTAF

TTAF is a Dutch foundation, based in Barneveld, founded in 2003. The goal of TTAF is to make people self-supporting in countries where it is difficult. The foundation is inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan: Provide medical care and help people to generate income independently.

Purpose and method of TTAF

The foundation focuses on people at the bottom of society, regardless of their beliefs. The foundation contributes to the dignity of life for people who have to miss this dignity without that extra support.

The aim of TTAF is not to provide permanent financial assistance. In other words, TTAF does not want to hand out fishing or any fishing tackle. TTAF wants to ensure that people themselves can make their fishing. That’s why the help was project-directed from TTAF.
From the history of TTAF, the foundation’s focus is especially on blind and partially sighted people in Ethiopia. In the meantime, sufficient knowledge is available in this country, and TTAF has a fairly extensive network of reliable partners.

In the Netherlands, TTAF has several good contacts with common foundations. One of these is the ISEE Foundation from Urk (www.isee-urk.nl), with which TTAF makes several projects together. The basis for this project collaboration is a shared vision for help to fellow human beings.

In addition, TTAF works with Revive (www.revivevzw.com), a non-profit Belgian association that facilitates enthusiastic medical professionals in countries like Ethiopia and Madagascar to use their knowledge and experience to provide medical assistance to the poorest in society. The contact person of this association is Mr. Thienpont, with whom TTAF has an excellent working relationship. In addition, Mr Thienpont and TTAF work closely together to achieve TTAF’s objectives regarding the clinics.

In addition to these foundations, TTAF has more than incidental relationships with Stichting Double Harvest and Stichting Edukans.

Projects of TTAF

TTAF is currently focusing on three core areas:  

  1. Medical Care
  2. Earnings development
  3. Education
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