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Better Brace

Bettter Brace

The development of The Better Brace is an initiative of TTAF and was developed in close cooperation with the Delft University of Technology – Industrial Design Engineering and Grarbet Mahber Tehadeso in Butajira Ethiopia.

This project provides that children with polio leg braces, get matching shoes and crutches. These children now have the ability to go to school, and their future of beggar turns into that of a respected member of society. TTAF wants to help with this leg braces for a much larger group Ethiopian youth with polio, possible also in other countries. The good result is due to Koos Munneke. He saw his thesis The Better Brace awarded with a beautiful final mark.

Of the more than 85 million Ethiopians at least 70 million is definitely so poor, that they can not buy leg braces and be adjusted regularly. A crippled children’s bone grows in length and a little in the size. But the bracket does not grow with it. This requires regular monitoring, adjustment and replacement to 2 or 3 years. Also the custom made shoes are then to be replaced. Although the cost of the leg braces with accessories are modest by our standards, these are for Ethiopian parents almost still far too high. There is no health insurance that provides compensation. If you don’t have money to buy leg braces you can not walk and don’t you go to school.

The same problem applies to children who are born with clubfeet. This is a birth defect that occurs worldwide. In the Western world is the medical care for children born with clubfeet well regulated. If you are born in Ethiopia with clubfeet the medical care often available only is poverty the biggest problem. Parents often have no money to pay for the operation, the braces and physical therapy. Babies who are treated as early as possible can walk well and lead a normal life.

Your contribution can change a child’s life in a hopeful future. Will you help?

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