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Completion of 'Kidan brings hope' project

January 2021

Last May, Kidan set up the emergency assistance program for families with young children and single-parent families in Addis Ababa in close cooperation with the TTAF foundation. You contributed to this as a sponsor and, as a result, 128 families have received assistance in recent months. That means about 500 people: children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, live-in uncles or aunts, etc!
It started with help for 9 families in May, grew from 22 to 70 families in one week. By the end of June, so much money had come in that 128 families could be provided with an emergency package for six months! Unprecedented gratitude filled Kidan's heart: "My heart is filled with great gratitude for the people in the Netherlands. I find it so beautiful that people in the Netherlands donate money to people they don't know'. But the women are also indescribably grateful. One of them, Terefwork, tries to express it in words in this video 
in words.
Because Kidan has worked intensively with these women, she can assess who is eligible for microfinance. The women she considers suitable to join a so-called 'self-help group' will soon start brainstorming together and making plans. After that, they will put in a little money each month and try to set up a small business together to earn a living. This can vary from baking injerra (local bread) or opening a launderette to opening a store or keeping laying hens and selling their eggs. When the first self-help group is running satisfactorily, part of their profits are used to establish the next group. 

Kidan brought hope and hope brings life!
Thank you very much for your contribution!

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