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Eyemedication in Kofele

On 12 and 13 January 2019 another eye medication round took place in Kofele. Doctors from the hospital in Ziway screened 646 people in two days. Many people have received medicines and 43 people have been diagnosed with (severe) cataracts. With the help of TTAF money these people will be operated on 23 and 30 January in the hospital of Ziway. It is always an impressive moment when the bandage is removed from the eyes and people can see again. Giving the light back to the blind is  very concrete in this way!


TTAF pays for this eye medication. The costs are spent on the following items: wages for the doctors, the collection of the patients and their supervisors, the provision of medicines and the costs of cataract surgery. For an average of € 10 per person we make the difference for many!

On the picture are the patients and their companions, waiting for their turn. The location is the Burka Faya Medium Clinic of Ayano Burka.

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