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Story of a blind girl

Recently we received a nice message from the director of the school for the blind in Debre Zeit. Here is the text: 

Yordanos had joined our school two years ago. Her mother Emebet had four children, one of them is Yordanos who became blind while she was one-year-old. Yordanos’s father when he realized that she became blind he left her and married another wife.

This time life became worst to Yordanos’s mother. She doesn’t know where to take Yordanos and how can she raise the rest children. She started to wash clothes for different people by earning very low and meager income.

One of her neighbor told her to take her to our school for the blind in Debrezeyt.When we saw her first Yordanos did not allow any body to touch her except her mother. she always want to be hold on the back of her.

We advise her mother just bring her to the school for 2 hours a week by paying her transportation costs, keep her with other blind children giving her different kinds of toys. She did this for six months constantly finally Yordanos familiarized herself to the situation of the school.

Now after one year Yordanos started learning first grade class like other blind children. She is always smiling, feeling happy and clever child.

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