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Attention is paid regularly by various media to the TTAF-projects. The Parool published in 2015 an article about our micro-credit project, interviewed the Ethiopian Girma Azeze and the Reformatorisch Dagblad made a reportage of the Eye Medication in 2014 Dilla, and interviewed Ayano Burka, who started a medical clinic in Ethiopia. Recent publications, press releases, publications and annual reports can be downloaded from this page.

In the press

Barneveldse Krant, Hart en Ziel: ‘Licht in de ogen teruggeven’
RD, Reportage Eye Medication Dilla
RD, Interview Ayano Burka
EO Visie, Interview Girma Azeze
Het Parool, Reportage microcredietenproject Ethiopië
Barneveldse Krant, Interview Pieter Nieland en Kees Vlot over klinieken in Ethiopië
Puttenaer, Reportage zelfredzaamheid stimuleren


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